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Women’s Health

We provide a variety of services especially tailored for women’s needs, including cervical smears, maternity care, contraception and sexual health screening.

Long Acting Contraception

Dr Leah Roche has many years experience providing this service at the practice. Methods include intra uterine devices ( coil ), implants – inserted under the skin in the upper arm, and injections given every 3 months.

A consultation with Dr Roche will determine which device is most suitable for you.

Mother and Baby Care

The mother and infant care scheme provides care to all expectant mothers who are resident in Ireland. All our Doctors provide this service. The Doctor provides an initial examination, if possible before 12 weeks gestation and a further 5 examinations for your first pregnancy and 6 for your second and subsequent pregnancies. These visits are alternated with visits to the maternity unit/ hospital.

After the birth the Doctor or Nurse will examine the baby at 2 weeks and both the mother and baby at 6 weeks.

This service is provided free of charge.


We provide all standard primary vaccinations. Your baby will have 5 visits with the Nurse from 2 months old – 13 months old where he/ she will receive a comprehensive set of vaccines. You can read more on these vaccinations at www.immunisation.ie

This service is provided free of charge.

The practice also provides some vaccinations privately. These vaccines include immunisation against chicken pox, Shingles and Menningitis B. Please contact the Practice Nurse for more information.

Minor Surgery

Dr Marshall provides a comprehensive range of surgical procedures including skin lesion biopsy and removal, skin tag removal, sebaceous cyst removal, cryotheraphy of warts and verrucas. He operates one morning a week. All surgery requires a presurgical assessment appointment. To enquire about minor surgery please contact reception.

Travel Vaccinations

We provide a comprehensive service comprising of general travel health information, travel vaccinations, malaria prophylaxis/ advice.

Please attend for your travel consultation at least 6 weeks before your trip.


If you can’t make your appointment or don’t need it any more, please cancel and free the appointment for someone who may really need it.

Thank You

Please do not send urgent messages, diagnostic queries or clinical requests to this email address as they will not be seen by a doctor.

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